Strategy development

Our team work on high level strategy development at an executive level, giving you all the benefits of a dedicated strategy resource with top tier experience for as little or long as required.

Our independence and wide range of experience allows us to work with you on strategy involving a wide range of CRM tools, associated technologies and different deployment options. We have deep experience of working with cloud based strategies including specific expertise in Azure, AWS, public infrastructure and dedicated bespoke, private cloud deployments.


Business process design

We can provide straw man process design based on our experience and knowledge of potential solutions. We believe it is critically important to design processes based on the realities of the environment they work in rather than as an academic exercise. We provide vast experience of process design including specialist knowledge of commercial/e-commerce operations, financial services, public sector, membership and regulatory environments.


Programme and project management
With experience of running everything from small projects to multi-million and even billion pound programmes of change, we can offer top calibre specialists to fulfil your needs. Our experience is not just in running programmes, but ensuring a smooth and successful handover to internal or permanent staff as required.


Vendor selection

We have seen the huge benefits that organisations gain by running well planned vendor selection and tender processes. Equally, we are pragmatic enough to see when the vendor selection exercise itself may cost more than the project budget. We offer everything from short pieces of analysis with a recommendation of a short list or specific product, through to full RFI (Request for Information) and RFP (Request for Proposal) tender processes where we can utilise our own selection methodology.

Our product research, involving the monitoring of over 80 CRM and related tools, ensures that you get a head start and save time and money. We not only consider "core" analytical and operational CRM solutions, but also have in depth knowledge of deployment options and infrastructure (including Azure, AWS and bespoke private infrastructure), and wide experience of associated technologies such as digital marketing tools, financial/accounting systems, document management, and core system/back office integration.


Business case development / ROI

From providing advice on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return On Investment (ROI) for your project, to full development of your business case. We have specific collateral, benchmarks and a methodology to help you identify tangible and intangible benefits, and to provide a realistic view of costs over the life of your project and any resulting systems infrastructure.


Business analysis capabilities

Covering the full range of as-is and to-be analysis, requirements capture and definition, and design. We usually adopt a straw man approach to propose solutions for refinement and to ensure rapid project progress.


Project rescue

When things have gone wrong, we can provide specialist staff experienced at project rescue. They can be backed up by additional strategy, technical or business analysis capabilities as required and can help from a few days advice to "seeing it through".



Experience in depth

We provide a depth of experience in CRM, independently delivered in:

  • CRM strategy development

  • Strategic roadmaps

  • ROI analysis

  • Business case development

  • Business requirements

  • Vendor and product selection

  • Business process analysis and reengineering

  • Project and programme management

  • Technical consultancy for CRM and related products

  • Technical implementation of CRM solutions

  • Advice and guidance around infrastructure and deployment options
  • “Out of box”, pre-packaged solutions based on leading CRM products
  • Training collateral

  • Bespoke training preparation

  • Training delivery

  • CRM project rescue and audit

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