The importance of effective CRM in your business

In today's competitive business landscape, nurturing customer relationships is paramount.

How to select the ideal CRM solution for organisational success

In today's fiercely competitive business landscape, achieving organisational success requires seamless customer relationship management (CRM).

20 years of Cantata’s clients and projects

2022 saw Cantata celebrate our 20th anniversary. During that time we’ve been privileged to work with some incredible organisations in the UK and worldwide. We look back on some of the sectors and markets we’ve tackled.

20 years of CRM expertise at Cantata

2022 sees Cantata celebrate our 20th anniversary. A lot has changed in the world of CRM, but some things seem very similar. We ponder the CRM market, 20 years on!

Celebrating Cantata at 20

2022 sees Cantata celebrate our 20th anniversary. We are delighted to report continued growth in clients and markets around the world.

Maximising the return on your CRM investment

Why it is critical to ensure you plan your Customer Relationship Management initiative with ROI in mind

The cost conundrum

Why it’s now so difficult to price complex CRM implementations.

Deployment options are, more than ever, a critical choice

In a world awash with data, infrastructure choices have become more important than ever

Sales effectiveness: knowledge isn't power, unless...

Sales leaders increasingly use client focussed win-loss reviews to gain valuable insight to the real factors that affect B2B buying decisions.

Are CRM, ERP and e-commerce becoming one?

How e-commerce and ERP requirements are combining with traditional core CRM needs, and how the technology is adapting.

CRM got complicated

Ever-increasing functionality has meant CRM solutions now are more complex than ever; integration is key, and it is increasingly challenging to select optimal components in your overall solution.

Removing data – the right to be forgotten

This post looks at areas you should consider if someone exercises their right to be forgotten.

What do organisations have to do – and how should they demonstrate that?

This blog post looks at basic points of what needs to be covered to comply with the GDPR.

Consent – what it means and who can give it

Explicit consent is key to managing data under GDPR and there is a flurry of activity underway at present with organisations looking to build on and validate the consents they believe are already in place.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The introduction of GDPR regulations presents a number of challenges and opportunities for businesses over the months before it becomes effective in May 2018. Cantata is already working with a number of clients to ensure a smooth and compliant transition for their business. With this experience, we thought it was useful to publish a series of blogs over the next few months highlighting key challenges and experiences which may be useful to others.

70% of marketers are investing in CRM in 2016

This year ‘Marketing trends, spend & forecasts 2016’ by ALF Insight once again highlights that investing in CRM is the focus of marketers.

CRM is still the must have Marketing tool

CRM can unlock the insights on your marketing spend.

Does poor data management lead to poor governance?

Increasingly organisations need to demonstrate transparency and accountability when dealing with customers data.

CRM Infographic

We have created an infographic highlighting some key aspects of CRM.

Coping with change - handling regular updates from CRM providers

We are being contacted more and more by organisations who are experiencing issues around regular updates to cloud based CRM solutions

Making Social CRM a useful reality

It’s the biggest talking point in the world of CRM, yet for many Social CRM is still unclear in its definition, objectives and benefits. How can it help, and how do you go about getting it? This article provides an introduction to the world of Social CRM, and the opportunities and issues it brings.

The private hosting option

There are a variety of options for who supplies and maintains the hardware infrastructure and fundamental software for your CRM system.

The demands of on-demand

How demanding are hosted solutions to your organisation?

On-demand vs. On-premise - the business case

It's a contentious issue. Is on-demand really cheaper than an on-premise solution? Is the cut off point 3 years as stated by many analysts? And are there other considerations at play?

The case for business cases - What’s the business case for doing a business case?

If you look elsewhere on this site you will find details of Cantata's approach to business case development. We have specialised in the inception of projects for many years and therefore have some comprehensive collateral to help in the development of the initial cost/benefit analysis for projects.

CRM pitfalls - Why is it so hard?

If CRM (Customer Relationship Management) were easy we probably wouldn't be spending a lot of time assisting organisations in making it work. Here are some quick tips to what can go wrong and what you can do about it.

CRM and the customer experience - How can technology support the customer experience?

While talking to a range of financial services businesses about CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Cantata people have noticed some common things in the expectations of CRM and associated technology applications.

CRM in mutual societies - Opportunities for mutual benefit

There's a view that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is particularly appropriate to certain industries and a very reasonable understanding that other investments may take priority. The Gartner G2 paper, "How to Tell How Much Your Business Will Benefit from CRM", 09 April 2003, highlights that companies in competitive, commoditised markets tend to need CRM the most.

CRM for customer service - The source of real value?

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) market has always been a confused and cluttered one with CRM solution vendors presenting all sorts of offerings from analytics to sales force automation and business process automation to telephony systems. As a result the focus of where to achieve value from CRM has been vague at best and disastrously wrong in some instances.

FSCS reform – an opportunity to make a virtue out of necessity?

As part of overall plans to improve the reputation of UK financial services, the FSA is proposing that, from 31 December 2010, Financial Services organisations that take deposits (such as banks and building societies) will need to be able to provide a complete list of every customer’s deposits within 48 hours. This is to ensure that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) can quickly compensate customers should the need arise.

The Emergence of AI in CRM

The integration of AI within CRM platforms is revolutionising how organisations manage customer interactions.