Our Commercial Clients
We have a wide range of experience in the commercial sector, supporting organisations offering a range of products and services across industries. We have particular experience of providing integrated CRM and e-commerce solutions to provide the next generation of joined-up technology. Our clients include major multi-national manufacturing and pharmaceutical providers, as well as smaller specialist providers.
We can support your needs from initial CRM strategy development and business case design, through to implementation, training and support. Recent work has included global CRM implementations for multi-national organisations, fully integrated CRM and e-commerce solutions, alongside more specialist advice.
Our advisory work can assist you in realising return on your investment via better campaign management, automation of sales processes and integration to your web site.
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We provide CRM advice and solutions for needs such as

  • Sales process automation
  • Fully integrated web and digital marketing solutions
  • Configure/Price/Quote and e-commerce functions
  • Case working and case management
  • Marketing communications
  • Integrated events management and training
  • Document management and EDRMS
  • Compliance needs
  • Press and public affairs needs
  • Executive functions
  • Data protection