Our Membership Clients
We work with organisations with a wide variety of membership requirements, including trade associations and professional bodies. We offer a range of services in the Membership sector, from strategic advice through to full CRM implementations.
Our understanding of the complex needs of membership organisations has led us to develop membership-focused packaged solutions to deliver more effective CRM. These allow for projects to be delivered at pace and with less risk. For more information please contact us.
Recent work with membership clients has included advising a major national membership organisation on their choice of CRM technology, and deploying new CRM solutions to a variety of organisations for managing their membership base and improving marketing capabilities. These projects now often include integrated e-commerce features to allow sale of related merchandise.

We provide CRM advice and solutions for needs such as

  • Membership application and renewal processes
  • Digital marketing and e-mail management for member communications
  • Case working and case management
  • Integrated e-commerce and online shop features
  • Member lifecycle management
  • Document management and EDRMS
  • Compliance needs
  • Press and public affairs needs
  • Executive functions
  • Data protection

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