20 years of Cantata’s clients and projects

Cantata was formed as an independent CRM consultancy in 2002, and so 2022 saw our 20th anniversary. During that time we’ve been privileged to work with some incredible organisations, both in the UK and worldwide, on truly exciting initiatives. If you’d like more information, just let us know!

In 2002, the CRM market in the UK was dominated with focus in the Financial Services industry, and in particular retail financial services. Salesforce.com was going to have a massive impact on bringing sales force automation capabilities into the market, but it’s hard to believe they didn’t even have an international (non-US) offering at this time. We carried out some major advisory projects both within Financial Services, and other heavyweight projects in utilities and healthcare.

Our Financial Services expertise has continued throughout the life of Cantata, with clients in Investment Banking, Investment Management, Private Equity and Financial Advisory services.

By 2004, our blogs and analysis were reporting the massive growth in the area of regulation in the UK. In this space, we had worked extensively on heavily regulated projects within Financial Services, and were soon offering CRM services to the wide range of UK regulators and associated organisations. To this day, Cantata provides CRM implementation and support to a wide and extensive range of regulators, from advertising, telephony/communications and energy regulators to the array of technical regulation organisations that support the qualifications, certification, accreditation and support of professionals in a wide range of industries.

This led us into a key area of specialism: a wide range of membership organisations, where we built on our deep experience of CRM systems tailored to the regulation world (which handles complex membership, registration and accreditation functionality) with complex membership needs such as marketing communications, events management, renewals and more e-commerce capabilities.

These membership capabilities were often focussed in particular industry segments, with the energy and utilities sector particularly strong, as we saw increased regulation and a huge increase in the scope of the energy sector in terms of the breadth and range of technologies and services employed. We have assisted clients, and currently support them, from “Big 6” utilities to specialist regulators in niche energy sectors.

As Cantata has grown, so has the breadth of our experience. It is always exciting to see the specific challenges, and similar requirements, across different sectors and verticals. Our clients now operate across the world, and in a huge range of sectors – today this includes global pharmaceuticals, film & TV production and distribution, global professional services firms and high street retail – all of whom we advise on, implement and support with some of the most exciting CRM projects around.

We would be delighted to discuss your particular challenges in the world of CRM and related technologies. Please contact us to learn more.

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