Coping with change - handling regular updates from CRM providers

We are being contacted more and more by organisations who are experiencing issues around regular updates to cloud based CRM solutions. Sometimes these have created bugs and functional limitations, although these can be ironed out more quickly. A bigger problems is often the training implications, particularly for our larger clients with perhaps hundreds of users in contact centres or back office environments.

The issues of regular change are more manageable is smaller teams, but where you have high volume contact environments, any change to business process or usability can have a large impact.

Having solutions deployed in private cloud or on-premise environments helps, (in that you have more control over when and how you take updates) but where a solution is cloud based it is imperative to ensure that any customisations have been applied in line with the product provider's guidelines (and in some cases, these can change). The nirvana of upgrades without any need to re-test is still a long way off for complex implementations.

Recently, faced with bad experiences of upgrades and problems with their current providers, we have seen a number of requests for Cantata to take over the support of existing CRM implementations. If you are having problems with ongoing support, do contact us and we can talk through your issues.