Vantage for Regulatory organisations
For Regulatory organisations, Vantage offers “out of box” business functionality supporting the CRM needs of regulatory organizations.
This functionality includes extension of contact/organisation functionality to include organisation/contact classification, tiering, segmentation and profiling. Regulatory relationships and groups, multiple owners, “red flag” and other features allow the most complex regulatory requirements for contact management to be supported. Views into third party systems and near-real time integration options provide the ability to quickly aggregate and view a range of information.
Vantage provides specific functionality for the case working and case management requirements of regulators. This includes comprehensive case management features, and numerous “short cut” features such as “copy case” features which we’ve found to be invaluable in this space. The system comes with “out of box” integration to a variety of Document Management/EDRMS solutions and an infrastructure to rapidly allow integration to other products.
Typical press/public affairs office requirements, including research/policy distribution, campaign management, e-mail distribution and marketing functionality is available as standard.
Compliance requirements are met with support for compliance/review processes, full auditing capabilities and highly developed client marketing and DPA functionality.
Vantage comes with a powerful events management system including a web portal for client access. The system is used to support the full range of events from general sales and marketing events to policy reviews and consultations.
Underpinning Vantage is a comprehensive extension of “infrastructure” capabilities to provide a basis for rapid integration to regulatory systems, “out of box” support for document management integration (including SharePoint integration as standard), per-user and per-department tailoring of the user-interface presentation and powerful dynamic data presentation capabilities to ensure users are only shown information they are authorized to see and that is relevant to them.
Vantage has been developed to use either Microsoft Dynamics or platforms. These provide highly reliable and functionally rich foundations. We offer Vantage in both hosted (on-demand) or on-premise deployments. Allied to our methodology for the rapid delivery of specific additional configuration, data migration, deployment and training, it delivers a highly cost effective customer management solution, specifically tailored to your market.

Key features

  • Enhanced contact management

  • Case management and case working support

  • Marketing features supporting press and public affairs needs

  • Compliance support

  • DPA compliance 

  • Auditing

  • Events management

  • Web portal functionality

  • Third party system views

  • Infrastructure enhancements